The event saw over 120 companies representing about 15 world countries, 80% of them being from outside Latvia. An impressive number of people – estimated 10000 in total - visited the exhibition during the three days it was running.

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The distinctive feature of Medbaltica was its audience, because the venue also hosted the 8th Latvian Congress of Physicians. Numerous conferences and seminars for family physicians, surgeons, dentists, nurses and even vets took place.

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Switching back to Elamed participation in the fair, we had Almag-01, Almag-02, Easyton, Magofon, Mavit and other signature devices displayed in our booth. Intraocular pressure measuring procedures were so popular they had people patiently waiting in lines to have their IOP taken. 


What’s even more flattering is that 70% of those people were certified family doctors. It turns out to be quite a challenge to get a speedy appointment with an ophthalmologist in Latvia, so when a general physician has to send a patient to an eye doctor for IOP measurement, it takes far too long to get the results back. With Easyton family physicians could simply check the IOP themselves and only re-direct their patients to an ophthalmologist in doubtful or serious cases.

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About 20% of those interested by Easyton were people with eye pressure issues who must be able to check their IOP on a regular basis.  

The rest 10% were ophthalmologists who found the measuring procedure very quick and easy to perform. A lot of them were comparing the transpalpebral mechanism used in Easyton tonometers with a method now popular in Baltic countries that also measures IOP with the help of air flow. But since that method is used in big stationary units and often causes discomfort (as many patients complain) it is by far not so convenient and handy as Easyton. 

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We expect new partnerships in Latvia and rejoice in the fact that Elamed inventions might be seriously impacting the world of medical care. 

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