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Therapeutic effect of this tPEMF device is associated with low-frequency low intensity pulsed electro magnetic field. ALMAG®-02 results have been proved by clinical tests and long history of the device application in in-patient hospitals.

Here is a limited list of diseases that can be treated with the help of ALMAG®-02 in in-patient, out-patient departments and in home:

  • Coxarthrosis and polyarthritis
  • Varicose
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Cystitis
  • Vascularrelated edemas

How it works

Clinical trials conducted by the Russian Federation Ministry of Health have proved the below listed therapeutic effects of ALMAG®-02:

  1. generates pulsed electro magnetic field that recovers membrane permeability, normalizes diffusive and osmotic processes in the cells. It increases the enzymatic reaction speed and normalizes biological membrane transport properties; 
  2. accelerates the repair processes, increases immune response of the body; 
  3. raises internal tone, increases performance efficiency; 
  4. relieves pain, having a wholesome effect on sleeping and emotional state; 
  5. provides the capillary opening;
  6. in case of coxarthrosis and polyarthritis:
    • helps to avoid joint replacement surgery; 
    • relieves pain and stops the inflammatory processes; 
    • recovers normal blood circulation and metabolic processes in the hip joint, enhances overall mobility and improves the quality of life;
  7. in case of varicose:
    • analgizes, soothes muscles and prevents spasmodic strictures; 
    • relieves vein inflammation and reduces the risk of thrombus formation; 
    • disperses swellings, heals trophic ulcers; 
    • reduces pressure in deep and subcutaneous veins, increases the vascular wall tone and improves their elastic properties;
  8. in case of atherosclerosis:
    • improves memory and concentration; 
    • reduces fatigue and irritability; 
    • normalizes cardiac function, relieves the syndrome of "cold limbs";
  9. in case of cystitis:
    •  increases the urinary bladder and sphincter apparatus tone; 
    •  relieves pain and eliminates the "burning" with urination; 
    •  reduces the amount of retained urine in the bladder, reducing the time between the urgencies to urinate. 

Why choose ALMAG®-02?
  1. ALMAG®-02 is an innovative medical device that has 79 unique, clinically proven therapeutic treatment programs. Each program has been developed with account for the type of the disease and triggers off just at the touch of the button.
  2. It is specially designed by scientists and physicians as an effective intensive treatment method of complex disorders.
  3. Three types of emitters allow to make an effect on different areas simultaneously.
  4. ALMAG®-02 helps at any disease stage. The device is effective even in cases where drugs and other treatment methods failed.
  5. ALMAG®-02 successfully treats acute and chronic diseases not only in hospitals but also in home conditions.

Technical Features
  1. Peak induction value on the emitter inductor surfaces: 
  2. а) for «travelling field» type:
    • for the primary emitter and flexible emitting linear: from 2 to 25 mT; 
    b) for «stationary field» type:
    • for the primary emitter and flexible emitting linear: from 2 to 6 mT; 
    • for local emitter: from 2 to 45 mT. 
  3. Pulse repetition frequency of the magnetic field: 
  4. For the primary emitter and flexible emitting linear:
    а) for «travelling field» type:
    • from 1 pps to 75 pps at 25 mT induction; 
    • from 1 pps to 100 pps at 2-20 mT induction; 
    b) for «stationary field» type:
    • from 1 pps to 16 pps at 2-6 mT induction; 
    c) for local emitter:
    • from 1 pps to 50 pps at 34-45 mT induction; 
    • from 1 pps to 100 pps at 2-30 mT induction. 
  5. Relative deviation of the magnetic field pulse repetition frequency: within the range of 5%. 

Package Contents
Option 1
  1. Primary emitter – 1 pc. 
  2. Flexible emitting linear – 1 pc. 

Option 2
  1. Primary emitter – 1 pc. 
  2. Flexible emitting linear – 1 pc. 
  3. Local emitter – 1 pc. 

  • Bleeding and coagulopathy
  • Systemic blood diseases
  • Malignant neoplasms
  • Severe cardiac arrhythmias (atrial fibrillation, paroxysmal tachycardia)
  • Cardiac, aorta and large vessels aneurysm
  • Acute phase of myocardial infarction
  • Acute phase of ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke
  • Purulent processes, active tuberculous process, infectious diseases in the acute stage, febrile diseases
  • Thyrotoxicosis
  • Pregnancy
  • Pacemaker
ATTENTION! Prior to first usage of the device, please study this Operating Manual carefully, and follow its instructions during further use to ensure proper treatment procedure and effectiveness.    2.49 MB Download

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