• Hospital use
  • Home use
  • Heat therapy
  • Pulsed red light therapy
  • PEMF therapy

UNILOR is used in hospitals and in home for the ENT diseases treatment:

  • Runny nose
  • Angina
  • Otitis
  • Nasal allergy

UNILOR has the units for nose, ear and throat heating and the emitter for pulsed red light and pulsed electro magnetic field.

The device has been recommended for use by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

UNILOR is a leading-edge development of an established manufacturer of medical equipment, designed by scientists and doctors for effective treatment of ENT diseases in home. This new development significantly reduces the duration of illness and doses of necessary drugs.

How it works
a) enhances metabolism, improves lymphotrophy. It relieves myxoedema, significantly improves health condition and reinforces the immune system;
b) relieves inflammation;
c) revitalizes capillary blood flow and metabolic processes, relieves pain;
d) promotes better drug uptake;
e) in case of allergic rhinitis:
• eliminates nasal stuffiness: cleanses the nose and make breathing easier;
• markedly reduces the symptoms of seasonal allergies: nasal discharges, itchy nose, sneezing, eyes tearing and redness;
f) in case of runny nose:
• cleanses nose, recovers easy breathing;
• recovers nasal mucosa, returns sense of smell;
• shortens disease duration. During seasonal epidemics it prevents introduction of infection;
g) in case of angina:
• quickly relieves pain, eases swallowing;
• stimulates tissue immunity, relieves weakness and discomfort;
h) in case of otitis:
• stops inflammation;
• increases time periods between acute pain episodes in the ear, shortens them, until pain finally disappears;
• relieves ear stuffiness.

Why to choose UNILOR?
  1. UNILOR-based treatment helps to achieve maximum health benefits by means of the unique complex effect.
  2. Modern ergonomic design of the components, small size, adhesion to body, light weight, pleasing method of the therapy and different exposure modes allow taking treatment sessions in the most comfortable conditions.
  3. UNILOR minimizes drug usage and in some cases allows to go off them completely.
  4. The device is perfect not only for adults but also for children of 1 year and older.

UNILOR: easy breathing, clear head, happy time!

Technical Features
The temperature at the working surface of the heating elements in the ambient temperature ranges from 22 to 26˚C:
mode «1» – in the range of 40 ± 5˚С;
mode «2» – in the range of 47 ± 5˚С;
mode «3» – in the range of 55 ± 5˚С.
Preset time of the heating element operating temperature mode is not more than 10 min.
Average capacity of the light pulse emission:
a) for nose - in the range of 4 to 6 mW;
b) for ear - in the range of 2 to 3 mW.
Pulse repetition frequency of light emission:
a) for nose - 870 Hz ± 10%;
b) for ear - 435 Hz ± 5%;
The maximum value of the pulse magnetic field induction is not more than 5 mT.
Pulse packet repetition frequency range of light emission and magnetic field pulses is from 7 ± 2 to 13 ± 2 Hz.
Time of continuous operation in the intermittent mode (1 hour of operation and 10 minute break) is 6 hours.
Average service life is 5 years.

  • Acute inflammation in the subjected area
  • Febrile state
  • Nosebleeds or liability to them
  • Pustular dermal diseases in the subjected area
  • Active tuberculosis process
  • Malignant neoplasms
  • Skin hyper sensitivity to any thermal effects
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