Customer feedback

"...the walking stick that I had used during those painful times is now leaning in the corner gathering spider webs."

This Almag is really amazing! I had bouts of pain in both my legs for several years and it normally took about 2 weeks before the pain and swelling subsides. After 2 days of using Almag, the pain was gone on the third day! At the moment, the walking stick that I had used during those painful times is now leaning in the corner gathering spider webs. The device has been a great help to me and I would recommend it to others who suffer fr om joint and back pains.

Mr. Goh (Now a Regular user of PEMF)

"...the pain and tension have lesser to almost nil."

As for me, using it (Almag-01) twice a day on my right knee due to menisce tear, the pain and tension have lesser to almost nil. 

Mr. Bob Phee 

"Convenient, effective, versatile and relatively cheap"

The device is really irreplaceable. It helps with knee pain and vein problems. Much better than swallowing medications. After 2 months I can go for a walk again. I am very satisfied. The price is OK as well. 


"I'm so so happy someone told me about it and my interest was greater than skepticism"

I've been struggling with knee problems for over a decade now. It all started when I dislocated my left knee while ice skating. Unfortunately this accident wasn't the last one... So, pain and discomfort in the knee joint area have been my companions for the most part of my life, and I've been looking for a remedy obviosly. Some things helped, some didn't. Anyways, the biggest and the happiest surprise has been this amazing little device called Almag-01. I'm so so happy someone told me about it and my interest was greater than skepticism - so I ended up trying it out. Thank you so much for inventing Almag and making it affordable for ordinary people and home use.

Annie, Illinoise, USA

"Suits our family perfectly"

We are two pensioners that travel a lot. We always take the Almag device with us. It easily eliminates joint pain. The device is reliable and simple in use.  


"It isn't possible to find better."

I am a happy user of your medical devices: ALMAG 01 and the MAVIT. I am using them already for a few years. It is peculiar apparatus with exceptional properties. It isn't possible to find better. I am telling all needy to use medical apparatus of the Elamed company

- Ryszard W., Olsztyn, Poland

"I am happy to tell you that my dad is walking better."

This is Ken. I came on Saturday with my mom and dad. I am happy to tell you that my dad is walking better. This was noticed the next day by his friends, they meet weekly after church. He told my every day when he wakes up his feet feel like they are burning and he walks on the bathroom tiles to help cool them off. He used the device (Almag-01) on his feet and the next day he noticed that his feet were not burning. The burning has been going on for roughly 5 years or more and now it is gone. Pretty amazing! My mom and dad are very happy with the quick results. They also appreciate the time, effort and care with helping my dad. They are very happy that they came to Brooklyn on Saturday and had that experience. They will work on the exercises and drink the structured water. I would like to thank you for your help. We really appreciate it. I have recommended this to a couple people over the weekend. I will buy another one soon. Thank you very much for your help!

- Ken, USA

Carpal Tunnel & Back Pain

I have been acquainted with you for over 10 years and knew that your massage therapy had to help my carpal tunnel syndrome. Last year when you started telling me about these devices and how much they helped with what sounded like everything, I have to tell you I was skeptical. As you know I am a diabetic and have had a previous heart attack and have a stent in place. Seems like the last 3 or 4 years I have seen such a downfall in my overall health. I explained to you the problems I was having with my feet, neck and back and you kept telling me I needed to use the Almag-1 and I just kept thinking I would try home remedies, etc. Finally after being so discouraged, I decided maybe I should try them. Well one more time, you were right. I have been using the Almag-01 on my feet now for a week and already I see a marked improvement in the numbness and pain. I have also been using on my back and spine. I have been feeling better overall. I have more energy, sleep better and feel better than I have in the past 4+ years. Tim has been using Almag-01 on his shoulder and back and has also seen a marked improvement and so much less pain. Tony has been using the Magafon-01 and he says his ankle swelling, pain, and

discomfort have almost gone completely and his pain. You know he injured it over a year ago. I would certainly recommend to other friends and family. As a matter of fact, I already have. I have told several people about them and directed them to the website. I think these units are phenomenal and will certainly be of use to people, young and old for all types of health issues and physical handicaps. They have helped me already in so many ways. I have been so excited about the devices; I can’t decide wh ere I should use them first. Thank you so much for caring and sharing you expertise and knowledge with me & my family. You are the best!

- Terri M., Palm Coast FL, USA

"The MAGOFON healed a hot spot on my dog"

One evening I noticed that my Great Pyrenees, Bill, was licking a raw spot of skin above his right hip. I examined the spot, noting that it was about one inch in diameter. I knew Bill would keep the raw skin clean. I expected it to heal quickly. However, the next evening Bill was again licking the spot. I examined the spot. I noticed that the spot had grown substantially larger. This type of raw spot is commonly called a hot spot. I thought about how to help Bill heal. I guessed that the hot spot would not heal until Bill slacked off on the licking. The question was, how to convince an over 100 pound working/companion farm dog not to overly lick an itchy, uncomfortable raw spot of skin. I recalled that Lena, co-owner of Almagia International, had previously told me about good results from treating dogs with the Magofon. I decided to treat Bill with my Magofon. I applied my Magofon to the hot spot for about 4 minutes. Bill enjoyed the Magofon treatment. He promptly relaxed and went to sleep. The next evening, I noticed Bill was licking the hot spot. I again treated the hot spot for about 4 minutes with my Magofon. Bill relaxed and went to sleep. I knew that the Magofon treatments made Bill feel better. I decided to treat Bill's hot spot every evening with my Magofon for about four minutes. I followed this treatment plan for about a week. Bill's hot spot healed rapidly. This successful Magofon treatment for my dear Great Pyrenees occurred about a year ago. Bill is very healthy and has had no further skin problems. Bill and I both like "our" Magofon.

- E. Campbell, USA 

"I couldn't live without my Almag-01"

Thank you, Yelena Pukhovitskaya, for your amazing customer service! I couldn't live without my Almag-01 and you really did make my holiday and restore my faith in people. Your generosity is so appreciated!

- Lynda DeFord Baltimore, MD, USA 

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